General purchasing terms and conditions


I. Validity

General conditions of purchase are an integral part of purchasing transactions in which SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. or its subsidiaries are engaged, and they can be found on the reverse of the contract or they are an integral part of the contract, save in case where the contracting parties reject application thereof by an explicit agreement in writing. Each amendment or derogation from general conditions of purchase shall be agreed in writing.

II. Prices and terms of payment

The prices, indicated on the order by SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. and acknowledged by the seller shall apply to an individual purchasing order. It shall not be allowed to change the prices when the order has been acknowledged and the prices shall be regarded as fixed.

III. Delivery of goods

The seller shall be obliged to deliver the goods to SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. within the period of time indicated on the SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o.  order, acknowledged by the seller.

The seller shall be obliged to deliver the goods within the agreed delivery time to the SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. delivery warehouse, which is the contractually agreed delivery place. Delivery time shall be anessential part of the contract or. order.

The risks of destruction or damaging the goods shall be born exclusively by the seller, until the goods are     delivered to  SIJ Ravne systems d.o.o. SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. shall not be obliged to accept partial deliveries  and  if the latter is the case

SIJ Ravne systems d.o.o. shall have the right to rescind the contract.

In case of late delivery the seller shall pay SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. 0.1% of the total contractual value of the goods per day of delay.

IV. Liability

The seller shall be responsible for factual and legal defects of the goods. The seller shall specifically warrant that the goods have undergone a thorough inspection prior to the delivery and that the goods have no defects and comply with the acknowledged order.

In case of any defects of the goods which become evident subsequently, it shall be regarded that the seller knew about the defect irrespective of whether it is an obviousor a hidden defect.

V. Warranty for defects

SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o.  shall  be  obliged  to  inspect    the  goods in the usual  way or have them inspected after the delivery or as soon as possible in the normal course of events. SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. shall complain about obvious defects immediately after the inspection, and about hidden defects immediately when they are discovered.

Failing to do so, SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. shall not be entitled to the warranty rights anymore.

The seller shall warrant for hidden or obvious defects of the goods in the period of twelve months of the date of delivery. In case of a justified complaint SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. shall have the right, at its discretion, to require the contract to be performed, the price to be decreased or it may rescind the contract. In addition to warranty claims SIJ

Ravne Systems shall have the right to claim compensation for the damage and for the loss of profit.

VI. Legal jurisdiction

The law of the Republic of Slovenia shall be applicable to the relationships between the parties to the dispute. The contracting parties hereby agree that the Court in Slovenj Gradec shall have the subject matter jurisdiction in disputes.