Vibratory furnace charger



An innovative and technologically advanced solution

The vibratory furnace charger is an effective solution for batching aluminum material into an inductive furnace. The successfully completed Turnkey Project was the result of the requirements of our customer, the leading manufacturer of aluminum and aluminum alloy products in Slovenia, Impol d.d.

Available in customized options, our vibratory furnace charger is the result of the work of experts at SIJ Ravne Systems.

The operating system is divided into three working cycles:

  • Parking position: The charging device is stationary.
  • Rotation: The charging device rotates 90° from the parking position. The device drives forward to the induction furnace.
  • Operating position: The device is filled by a crane, it vibrates, and batches the aluminum waste into the induction furnace. When the furnace is stacked, or the waste container is empty, it moves back into the parking position.

The turnkey solution, from conceptual design to customized engineering, is completely automated and managed by a portable control unit. Scanners safety switches with a pull-wire and both light and sound signals ensure the safety of the device during its operation. 

General technical information:

  • Allowed dimensional range of workpieces with bar diameter: 5 mm – 100 mm.
  • Maximum workpiece: length 5000 mm.
  • Max. load capacity: 2,5 t.
  • Total weight of transport system: 12 t.
  • Speed feeding 25 mm/s.

Our engineering know-how and excellent technical support for our customers guarantees innovative technologies, which perform higher productivity, safety and autonomous of operation.

Customized solutions:

  • Total weight of system: 13.8 t
  • Max. load capacity: 4 t
  • Installed power: 8.75 kW
  • Speed: 0.15 m/min
  • Rotation time: 30s
  • Volume of waste storage: 4 m3

Our engineering know-how and excellent technical support for our customers guarantees innovative technologies, which ensure higher productivity and safety of operation

Our main advantages:

  • Available space: 8 m x 5.1 m
  • Smooth existing transport in the hall
  • Batching aluminum material of various shapes by vibration into the induction furnace 
  • Transport of the device by rail and rotation by 90˚
  • Max. storage volume: 4 m3
  • Max. bulk weight of aluminum material: 1 t/m3
  • Security of the entire process

Our sales approach is always customer-oriented. Our competitive edge, on which we continue to build our business, is our ability to offer customized solutions suitable for each customer.

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