The beginning of steel-making in Koroška.  Noris (Koroška) iron had a high reputation with the Romans. 

17th century
The first ironworks were built.

19th century
The Counts of Thurn, who owned the ironworks, merged several smaller foundries into one company named RAVNE Steelworks. Up to the beginning of the 20th century Thurn steel received many awards and was sold all over Europe, to Russia and even to China.

20th century 
Due to the needs of our own steel production and the surrounding industries, the production of RAVNE KNIVES began at this location, on the basis of Ravne quality steel and our accumulated metallurgical knowledge. Initially it was organized in the maintenance workshops. 

After World War I RAVNE Steelworks had financial difficulties, which were solved by a merger with another company, Böhler.

The true rise of RAVNE Steelworks began. New investments and rebuilding were carried out throughout the system, from the foundry and ironworks to the forged and rolling mill facilities. In addition to the existing metallurgical facilities, new mechanical process facilities were built. In 1969 Ravne Steelworks merged with Jesenice and Štore Steelworks into Slovenian Steelworks (Slovenske železarne). 

Official establishment of a company for the production of industrial knives, with its own heat treatment facilities.

Slovenian Steelworks reconfigured the whole organization into a holding with individual companies. Official foundation of RAVNE KNIVES under the name Slovenske železarne – Industrijski noži d.d.  

Establishment of company Serpa d.o.o.

Efforts to obtain the best possible quality of Ravne Knives d.o.o. and Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. are reflected in the certified Quality Assurance System by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. 

As a result of corporate restructuring in the field of recovery, rehabilitation and reorganization, Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. was founded.

Viator & Vektor takes over Sistemska tehnika.

The holding Slovenske Železarne is renamed Slovenska Industrija Jekla; the process for the privatization of the holding SIJ –Slovenska industrija jekla began and ended in 2007.

The official name of the company changed to Noži Ravne d.o.o.

Beginning of the production of forged rolls and forged products in Sistemska tehnika.

Re-certification of the Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI).

Acquisition of Ravne Knives UK and the establishment of our own sales distribution center, Ravne Knives USA, Inc., in Illinois, USA. 

By the end of 2015 the SIJ Group and, acting on its behalf, Ravne Knives d.o.o., completed the takeover of Sistemska tehnika d.o.o.

Beginning of operations of a new company, SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. The new company will have a key role in the gradual transition of the SIJ Group to a manufacturer of not only premium steel, but also of end products – rolls, industrial knives and other industrial equipment.