Career development

For the growth, development and success of our company it is crucial to employ the appropriate number and structure of skilled professionals who are both qualified and motivated to achieve our goals. We provide a supportive and safe work environment to build trust with our employees.

We take a careful and responsible approach to the recruitment of new employees with appropriate knowledge and skills, especially with regard to a positive attitude to work, desire for improvement, and values that coincide with the ethical principles of the company.

The company ensures its employees an adequate level of social security, and promotes and rewards performance. With the knowledge that it is necessary to maintain the trust of our employees, we gradually introduce new approaches in management and communication with employees, as well as organization and methods of work. New employees learn their work through training programs. During the training new employees acquire the specific knowledge and skills needed for safe and successful work.

With investments in the education of our employees, and by providing scholarships, we are systematically building our own staff.

We are always on the look out for talented workers to join our team. Send us your CV and if you are the kind of person we need, we will contact you.

Polona Marzel Ahac

Head of Human Resources