Forged products for aluminium industry

We produce whole product range of forged products for continuous casting and cold rolling processes in aluminium industry.

Shells for continuous strip casting

Roll shells have uniform mechanical and material properties along their volume. Depending on customer's demand, roll shells are produced in black, machined or honed condition with max. 1200 mm outer diameter. Roll cores are produced plain or grooved. Precision manufacturing of roll cores is inspected on a 3D coordinate measuring machine.

Forged rolls for cold rolling mills

Forged rolls for cold rolling fulfill customer's demands for increased productivity, high reliability, safety of operation, finer surface quality, higher rolling speeds, and more demanding rolled materials and thus positively influence TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Forged rolls for foil

Forged rolls for cold rolling of foil are suitable for the highest rolling speeds and loads. They fulfill the highest demands for surface quality and enable high quality and high speed rolling of foil, down to 6 microns.

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