Mechanical treatment

We can offer the following operations of mechanical treatment of classic and CNC machines:

  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Milling and drilling
  • Turning
  • Turning – Karusel
  • Honing
  • Deep drilling
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Assembling
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine


  • cutting on bandsaw up to 530mm in diameter, and flat 530 x 630mm.


  • grinding in diameters up to 800mm, maximum depth 200mm, precision up to 0.002mm.
  • surface grinding: maximum length 6000mm, maximum width 1000mm, maximum thickness 300mm.
  • segmental grinding of angles and inclinations: maximum length 6000mm, maximum width 400mm.
  • circumferential superficial longitudinal grinding: maximum length 4000mm, maximum width 1250mm, maximum height 500mm.
  • circumferential inside grinding from 80mm in diameter up to 600mm, maximum depth 300mm, precision up to 0.002mm.

 Milling and drilling:

  • CNC machining and drilling: maximum length 8000mm, maximum width 2200mm, maximum height 4000mm and weight 35t


  • CNC and classical turning: maximum diameter 950mm, maximum length 11000mm.

Turning – Karusel:

  • CNC turning: maximum diameter 4500mm, maximum height 1600mm


  • honing holes from 50mm up to 290mm in diameter, and up to 2500mm in length

 Deep drilling:

  • drilling deep holes up to 450mm outside diameter, up to 8500mm drilling length, largest hole diameter up to 255mm.


  • demanding welded pieces of different shapes up to 35t.


  • assembling up to 38400mm in length and 19000mm in width.
  • assembling in pit up to 3400 x 2400 x 3000 mm in diameter.


  • painting in chamber according to ISO 14001, up to 11460mm in length, 7000mm in width, 4000 mm in height. Tmax= 80°C

3D-Coordinate measuring machine:

  • measuring up to 5 micron accuracy, maximum length 3500mm, maximum width 3000mm, maximum height 1500mm and maximum weight 15t.