Knives for graphic industry

For cutting and trimming paper in different formats; in graphic shops, bookbinding, newspaper production.

Product range:

  • straight knives for guillotines (paper cutting knives),
  • three-knife trimmers,
  • slitters and knives for the printing and bookbinding industries, etc.

We produce knives for brands such as: Adast-Maxima, Atlas, Bourg, Brehmer-Heidelberg, Challenge, Comeca-F.T.P., Como, Dahle, Eba-Krugg & Priester, F.L., Goodhale, Herold-Tempo, Hohner, Hörauf, Horizon, Ideal-Krug & Priester, Itoh, Jud, Kolbus, Krause-Biagosch, Laser, Lawson, Macey-Harris-Sheridan-Omega, Mandelli, Martin Yale, Maxima-Adast-Kovo, Müller Martini-Grapha, Omac, Osako, Perfecta, Pivano, Polar, Rosback-Camco, Schneider-Senator, Seybold, Wohlenberg, and others.

Ravne high precision knives are available in standard and top-grade materials. Knowing your production process allows us to offer you the optimal selection and give you advice and support to optimize your production process.
Most common knives are available from stock.

Andreja Novak Mesarič

Head of sales program


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